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Go with wind energy for as little as $0 and lock in low energy rates. Pay less for electricity today and continue to save as utility rates continue to increase.
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Making the switch to a better energy doesn’t have to be scary! We take care of all the planning, installation, maintenance and monitoring from day one to year 20.

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For over a decade, Talco has specialized in wind turbines for farms. Our goal is to make the switch to wind energy easy and affordable for our customers through flexible wind financing.

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  • Get a savings estimate in seconds with our WindSight tool.
  • Competitive Wind Lease for easy and affordable payments.
  • Flexible payment options. Begin with little to $0 down!
  • Arrange wind permitting, zoning requirements, and site placement.
  • Coordinate wind turbine installation with one of our certified professional installers.
  • Provide ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and support services.

Understanding Wind Energy

How Does A Wind Lease Work? How Does it Benefit Me?
If you sign a Wind Lease, you don’t have to pay high upfront equipment and installation costs.  Instead of paying for a wind turbine, you pay a fixed monthly amount to install wind energy on your property and use the electricity it generates.
Here’s how it works:

  • We install a wind turbine on your property. (You pay nothing for the equipment)
  • You benefit by locking in low monthly payments for 10 years.
  • Leave all the handy work to us! We monitor and maintain the system for the life of the lease.
Average Payback Period
Our dedicated project managers will assist you in determining what your average payback period will be once a wind assessment is done on your property.

The length of the payback period will be dependent upon the unit itself, the quality of the turbine, electricity rates, wind at the installation site, financing options, and other incentives. The time is takes to fully recover your costs can range from 2 to 10 years depending on these and other factors. Our WindSight tool can instantly provide you with estimate based on your location, available incentives, and wind resource.

Why Wind Over Solar
If a wind turbine has been properly sited with a suitable tower height, wind energy can be a very cost effective source of alternative energy. Interestingly, wind energy is one of the oldest forms of energy.

Humans have been harnessing wind energy dating back to 5000 B.C, granting it greater time for it to be refined to the point of being more reliable than solar. Not to mention, wind turbines can generate electricity day AND night!

Why Proper Turbine Siting Matters
Location! Location! Location! And wind turbine placement is no different. Wind turbines need wind to produce energy. But is this the only factor in getting the best possible performance? No. Wind turbines need to be placed in a location free from nearby obstructions such as buildings and trees.

Our wind turbine experts will help determine optimal placement of the wind turbine to maximize your return on investment. Or you can use our free WindSight tool to determine within seconds if your property is suitable. Plus we’ll give you an instant savings estimate!

Third-Party Certified Turbines
We have done all the research for you and selected wind turbines with the highest engineering standards available. This means that each wind turbine we offer has been tested and certified under real-world conditions by outside agencies to ensure an honest rating. Owning a wind turbine that has been 3rd party certified means peace of mind in knowing that your wind turbine will perform up to standards.