Our Wind Turbine Manufacturers – Quiet, Reliable, and High Quality.

Talco only uses wind turbine manufacturers who assemble their machines with the highest engineering standards available. Small wind turbines have great potential to power farms, homes, business, and public facilities. Independently tested wind turbines go through rigorous testing to ensure the turbine meets durability and safety requirements, and will perform against “rated power” standards.

Talco is committed to supplying only certified wind turbines that meet and/or exceed standards set by the American Wind Energy Association and the Small Wind Certification Council.

gaia wind 11kw wind turbine

Gaia small wind turbines have been designed to operate in moderate wind speed areas and are ideally suited for large farms, rural businesses and community projects. With over 500 wind turbine installations worldwide and more than 1500 years of combined operational history, Gaia-Wind turbines offers reliability and dependable performance.

Vergnet is a world leader in wind turbine innovation and success,having hundreds of turbines installed in the harshest and most remote corners of the planet, providing sustainable energy to the location population.

Endurance Wind Power manufacturers advanced wind turbines specifically designed for distributed wind systems and power applications. Endurance wind turbines ensure efficiency, reliability, safety, and minimal noise for homeowners, businesses, and institutions.

Evance Wind specializes in the supply and manufacturing of high quality small wind turbines. using the latest advances in aerodynamics and electronics, Evance Wind engineers offer one of the most advanced small wind turbines on the market with unsurpassed efficiency, reliability and safety.