Vergnet 275 kW Wind Turbine

The unique guy-wired system allows the Vergnet to be erected, tilted, and secured, all without the use of a crane lowering the cost of transporting and installing. The process of lowering and securing the machine to the ground in the event of a hurricane is all done in under an hour. The work required to install it, in particular the amount of concrete, is drastically less than other conventional turbines with the same power rating. The 2-blade rotor serves to easily service the turbine on the ground considerably lowering operating costs.

Gaia-Wind 11kW Wind Turbine

The Gaia-Wind 11kW wind turbine is specifically designed to optimize performance in areas with low to moderate annual wind speed regimes (10-17mph). The turbine’s oversized rotor will allow it to capture up to 80% more energy than other similarly rated machines. This significantly enhances project economics and maximizes the return on investment.

Endurance E-3120 50kW Wind Turbine

The Endurance E3120 50kW wind turbine is designed to produce renewable energy for larger farms, irrigation pivots, schools, hospitals, manufacturing and fabrication companies and any other applications requiring 125,000 – 250,000 kWh per year of electricity. The Endurance E3120 is currently eligible for renewable energy tax credits.

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