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Evance R9000 5kW Wind Turbine

The Worlds Most Efficient Small Wind Turbine

About The Evance 5kW Wind Turbine

This small wind turbine is the result of nearly 10 years of development and has been system engineered to ensure maximum energy yield and durability.

Through specific design, the R9000 5kW wind turbine is able to capture more energy at lower wind speeds making it the most efficient 5kW wind turbine available. The turbine’s reliability is backed by millions of operating hours in the field.

Combining patented state-of-the-art technology and elegant design, the Evance R9000 5kW wind turbine belongs to the ‘next generation’ of small wind turbines, offering class leading quality, performance, and reliability.


The Evance R9000 5kW wind turbine has been engineered to ensure maximum energy yield by generating energy at low wind speeds, and by running continuously and safely at high wind speeds – the most efficient 5KW wind turbine available.

Minimal Maintenance

Both the wind turbine and the tower are designed to provide outstanding durability – a minimum design life of 20 years. With few mechanical parts, (no gearbox), the Evance 5kW wind turbine’s maintenance is minimal.

Keeps On Running

We understand that minimal downtime is essential as you want your turbine working during a windy period. Therefore the Evance 5kW wind turbine and tower are designed to provide outstanding durability in the harshest of conditions.

Maximum Energy Yield

The Evance 5kW wind turbine starts generating energy at low wind speeds and is designed to run continuously at high wind speeds, so providing the maximum yield possible – giving you energy generation when the wind is blowing it’s strongest.

At low to moderate wind speeds the patented pitch system, Reactive Pitch™, holds the blades in the optimum position for capturing maximum energy from the wind. At high wind speeds the Evance 5kW wind turbine’s Reactive Pitch™ mechanism automatically pitches the blades so it can regulate energy capture and blade speed. It therefore continues to capture energy – up to the full 5kW power rating.

The Evance 5kW wind turbine delivers you class leading performance – maximizing the kilowatt hours of energy produced.

Low Environmental Impact

Noise The wind turbine is generally sited at least 80m from a neighboring property so there is minimal noise impact. On a windy day it can sound like the wind in the trees.

All small wind generators will create some noise, the Evance 5kW wind turbine is manufactured in the UK, where noise levels are measured to the standard set by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). The Evance 5kW wind turbine fulfilled the noise criteria and all others to become fully accredited in July 2010.

A key design criteria of the Evance R9000 5kW wind turbine was the visual aesthetics of the system. The result is a modern and visually pleasing wind turbine which has a minimum visual impact on its surroundings – a distinct advantage for obtaining planning permission.

Evance R9000 5kW Features

Reactive Pitch™ Control System

This patented technology holds blades at just the right angles to capture the most energy. At high wind speeds, the Reactive Pitch™ mechanism pitches the blades to regulate energy capture and blade speed.

Optimized Blades

Fully optimized aerofoil ensuring max yield & minimum noise. Low reflection, UV, & anti-erosion coatings.


Patented automatic ElectroBrake (with manual for servicing). No moving parts which leaves virtually no noise output

Performance Enhancing Towers

Evance towers are designed to provide optimum performance and durability to complement the wind turbines.

Evance engineers have designed two types of free standing monopole towers. Tower heights are available in 10m, 12m, 15m, and 18m ((33, 40, 50 and 60ft) that are all designed to be easy to transport and assembled

Evance R9000 5kW Specifications


Upwind, 3 blade rotor, self regulating


Patented brushless direct drive, air-cored high efficiency Permanent Magnet Alternator

Wind Speed Parameters

  • Cut-in wind speed: 6.7 mph (3 m/s)
  • Cut-out wind speed: None – continuous generation to survival wind speed
  • Survival wind speed: 134 mph (60 m/s)


5 years

Tower Type

Free-standing (monopole), hydraulic RAM & Gin pole tilt

Design Longevity

20 years minimum with regular service inspections.

Download the Evance 5kW R9000 Specification Sheet (PDF Format)